Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Check out the virtues of the

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence incorporated in the senseFly autopilot continuously analyzes data from the Inertial Measurement Unit and from the onboard GPS and takes care of all the aspects of the flight mission. Even in the absence of radio connection with your laptop, the senseFly autopilot will safely accomplish the mission. Sit back and relax.

Easy flight planning

The included e-mo-tion software lets you plan and control the trajectory of the singlet CAM both before and during flight. You can monitor the flight trajectory on the screen of your laptop and receive status information; with simple drag&drop actions you can update the flight plan; and with a mouse click you can trigger pictures, return the singlet CAM to its starting location, or initiate landing.

Above are just some of the capabilities that can be afforded by the swinglet.
It has a toy like disposition, it's difficult not to see it as such; but they are used for serious applications in mapping and scanning locations which it's owner needs it for; golf courses, quarrries, building sites,small villages, large zones and festivals.

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