Monday, 11 March 2013


It's rather amazing - I must admit, the amount of toy and model RC(radio controlled) helicopters available out there on the market these days. presents a rather large display of toy 'copters', though I doubt if the users see them as toys. Some of them can be quite expensive, upwards of £600 for a really good one, but I doubt if a serious aficionado would see it those terms. You soon begin to realise when you check out  that these sites are well supported.
They have forums where buyers can go to air their concerns and fears(?) about the products purchased - or soon to be,and all the other questions that plague the minds of 'newbies' to this field of pursuit.I long to join them!!

This is Heliguy's Firefly,
built with the beginner in mind. It is very stable in flight, due to the 45 degree fly bar and ultra efficient swash plate
(patents pending) is owned and operated by Colena Ltd (UK). We are a small internet based company dedicated to bringing the customer high quality products and services. It is really quite something.I'm happy to see that it's a UK company doing so well. However, if you don't seek, you won't find! Look out for more about Heliguy in my blog.


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