Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The article below is an excerpt from one I wrote for an Ezine.
 You are not allowed to add photos or images with your ezine articles.
That's why I like to blog, because I find it hard to speak about the fabulous Airbus A380 without an image or a depiction of it to go along side the text.
I'll use any excuse to display this monstrous beauty.
It's the business end of modern air travel!
The body of the massive jet is made from sheets of fibre glass and aluminium bonded together, known as 'GLARE'. Glass Reinforced Fibre Metal Laminate. That's what you call technology. Lighter and thicker than aluminium sheets alone, and more impact resistant. It helps this big bird weigh in at 650 tonnes. It could have weighed a fair bit more - but it has to fly... so carbon fibre reinforced plastic is fashioned to make the massive wings; they really are pieces of work, and I have to say, two of my favourite parts of this mighty craft. Standing directly in front, and directly behind this plane delivers the some of the best views of the A380, and there you can see it's glory; the curvature of it's wings.Oh,and then there's the engines. I mean, what can I say? I'm in awe of both the technology and the physical presence of this flying beast. It is love, I tell you, just love.

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A380 taking off