Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Boeing BWB - The Blended Body Wing!

Blended Wing Body made in the UK!

Well, well. What have we here then eh?
The Boeing X-48c, the Blended Wing Body. Called in some circles the flying wing. The concept was thought of and even patented last millennium in 1910 by a Hugo Junkers.
The concept behind this 'flying wing' is the amount of lift to drag you can achieve, which is 50% greater than the usual fuselage and wing configuration of the standard plane. This means a quieter jet, with the shape of the wing increasing lift to a maximum amount possible for the craft, which leads to less fuel consumption and pollution. A bit of a no brainer, really(?) It also has no tail!
Computer generated Blended Wing Body Plane
IT could be a bit difficult to make commercial aircraft out of this design, and it could take a while to become a standard passenger carrier. The fuselage of the plane would be encased in the middle of the blended wing,down the centre of the craft; and all the luggage, and fuel dispersed with in the wings themselves. Although the flying wing is aerodynamically 'perfect' for flying, there are design issues that need to be sorted out. The lack of stabilizing surfaces on the craft makes it difficult to control, and that would be especially pertinent in passenger aircraft, and as yet, none are in production for commercial use.
Blended Body Wing plane
In military uses, the Blended body wing has overcome the problems of pitch and yaw, and lack of stabilizers  and tail fins by using a combination of rudders at the extremities of the wings, elevons topside and undersides of the wing, as well as ailerons to disrupt and augment airflow over its wings.
I can't imagine flying on such a craft, but anything can happen. Boeing keep themselves busy working and reworking, and pushing the frontiers of designs, of things that fly.

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