Wednesday, 3 April 2013

           From Things that Fly to Things that Flew


 How could I not have added this iconic picture to my blog?
 The Queen of the Skies transporting one of the Princes of Orbit to some undisclosed destination, probably somewhere in Miami or one of the Capes close to the 'Glades'. I notice how the 747's tail plane has extra stabilizers, which must be because of the Shuttle craft atop the Boeing. It really must have been quite a sight to see this feat in progress across the skies where ever it went, the like of which will not be seen again;though you never know! Anything can happen if money is put on the table, but Ah! What a sight eh?Wow! Sadly the shuttles have been retired, I thought that they were rather beautiful  - more attractive than the Boeing X-37 which has taken hold of the mantle relinquished by the shuttles. Oh, and yes. The Shuttles entered our cultures and consciousnesses as fully fledged Hollywood stars in their own rights, featuring in a Bond movie called 'Moonraker', and a Bruce Willis movie called Armageddon. I particularly like the 'swinging sling shot around the moon in the latter film. Excellent!

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