Tuesday, 23 April 2013

It's official: Boeing's Dreamliner Battery Problem may never be Solved!

I was minding my own business watching the BBC News 24 channel when a ticker tape announcement at the bottom of the screen declared - Boeing may never solve the problems of its batteries in its Dreamliner. What a shock!

So, after all the months of being grounded because of the problems it had with its batteries, the problem may never be solved. This announcement is against the backdrop of the Dreamliner being certified to fly again at the end of this month.

You have to ask, what batteries did they use for the 777?
Why weren't they used for the Dreamliner?
Could the technology be that different that they couldn't have used a modified battery. I don't remember them speaking of battery problems with any other of their aircraft, so why problems with the Dreamliners batteries?

The Dreamliner
It must be a complete nightmare for Boeing. It's such a shame. But what do you think? Please leave a comment.                   

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