Tuesday, 30 April 2013

From the Radio Controlled stables.....comes....the Jetcat P160 SE


This is a thing that REALLY flies!

This video was uploaded back in 2009, back in the day!
It is a Jetcat P160 SE.
It was lasered @ 586 Kph, which makes it 366 Mph, which is very fast. It is very difficult to see, as it goes hurtles through the air at these speeds, but the sound it makes, you could mistake it for a Euro-fighter.



See some of the comments that the people who have watched this video have said about it. It would seem that this radio controlled 'toy' is very affordable - if you start saving up from now, you could afford to treat yourself for Xmas - that, or ask your mum and dad! It wouldn't surprise me one bit, if your dad confiscated it from you for himself;I mean HELL, I would if I were him. Why give it to you, when I NEED one for myself!

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