Friday, 22 February 2013

OOh, you've just got to love those wings....................haven't you?


Let's hear what John Travolta has to say about the enormous plane

John welcomes the Quantas A380 to LAX airport and the significance and experience of Quantas airways. He goes on to say "I flew the simulator for the 747, but I literally flew the A380," he said. "I was the first non-test pilot to fly it. That was a thrill."

Travolta is impressed with the airplane.

"It's a brilliant, genius aircraft," he said. "It's a very interesting cockpit, because it's completely computerized. If you're coming from that world, which Vern has, that's a natural. It's more like the Airbus industry type cockpit. It's a glass cockpit with layers and pages of data and schematics. It takes a bit of getting used to, because it's new age, new technology. I'm used to the analog old school stuff, so this is a challenge for me, but I'm finding it fascinating. It flies beautifully. It's interesting; it flies like a small plane when it takes off and lands, but it flies like an airliner when it's in the air. When it's actually flying, it has this really solid feeling to it."

Yes. The A380 has been flown by the Hollywood superstar, who seems to delight in it new age technology - especially as he come from the old analogue styles and systems of flying.

Courtesy John Travolta
John Travolta’s qualified as captain in the Gulfstream, Lear 24, Hawker 1A, Citation 1 and 2, Canadair Tebuan (Snowbirds) and de Havilland Vampire jets. He’s also qualified as a first officer in the Boeing

interview courtesy of Airline Journals
Courtesy John Travolta

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