Monday, 11 February 2013

Movies Capital

Movies Capital. Well, here's a thing. Reading some of the testimonials, you can see that this down load is really gratefully, and well received. People speak of being able to download what ever they want, and to have the film play - like it should, but doesn't always happen with the file sharing sites.
It would seem that the companies concerned are serioulsly stealing a march on the subscription based broadband providers, by charging a one time only fee. It is well worth it. You get more than you can possibly watch, downloaded to a device - or devices of your choosing. One time fee only.
I wonder if that's part of the reason why Virgin has sold itself to an American company - because they are losing out on the film side of things because of companies like Movies Capital, here in the UK?
Virgin were big in the UK;Virgin Broadband, Virgin Trains, Virgin Banking, Virgin Airways.Virgin has lost it's broadband wing here in the UK - maybe not right away because it takes a while for the deals to be done and the new company to take over. But it's as good as gone. Virgin used to run the gas franchise here in the UK. I was with them on the gas supply at the time......and then out of the blue came the announcement that Virgin had been solf to another company. I wonder if Virgin has any plans to stop flying it's planes? You never know with Virgin..............I used to get my broadband from them........

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