Friday, 8 February 2013

It maybe because the 'Big Bird' was empty  - but the monstrous plane moves quite
niftily as it performs for the Russian Airshow. I was impressed, and maybe a little
concerned with what the hefty looking skycraft was able to pull off - concerned
because accidents do happen at air shows;but the A380 did not disappoint the crowd
who had gathered under a hot looking blue sky. I particularly liked the way the plane
leapt into the air on what I would describe as a rather steep angle with speed -
could have been just for show BUT the plane really moves it on a bit, for
a 'Big Guy' of the sky.
It really seems to handle well and you don't get the feeling of a cumbersome oaf
of a plane - but rather that of a sleek, fit and nimble monster busting it's moves.
They are really impressive too as it goes; LOVE the close ups too and
getting to see the ailerons, rudder and flaps getting in on the action .
I really like the video.
You can see why the A380 has sold so well. Any CEO tasked with procurement,
watching that demonstration - or indeed, any airshow where this plane both stars
and features in like manner would just HAVE to get his cash book out - or her
as the case may be and buy at least two. It is also a robust and good looking plane.

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A380 taking off