Saturday, 23 February 2013

In Flight Entertainment..........

Yes, while you are musing at 37,000 ft, our in flight trolley is passing......would you like to peruse a book to help you improve your golfing handicap when you land? a book called

           Thumbs Down.

The Package Includes:
• Ebook
  • Instructional Video Downloads
 • Virtual Lesson: A one-on-one coaching session with ME
(US  & Canada only)

  ALSO included with your Pro edition package purchase you receive the Back Nine pocket-sized how-to guide. 

Keep it in your golf bag or your back pocket, Follow the DRILLS
as you practice, They help you quickly improve and maximize your practice time.                    

The DO's and DONT's make it easy for any amateur to improve ball striking in minutes, by yourself.

A bit of guided self help can go a long way...........................

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