Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Get Paid to Test and Play Games



Want to work from home? I know I do - but I'm just not one of those gaming types - never used a console - don't have an XBox - or any of the other platforms that these games operate on;but if you do, and you think that it could be you - then this could be just the job for you.......listen below to what some of the gamers have to say about it;

“I got accepted for my first gig in 6 days flat!!”
Ever since I landed my first gig as a game tester for Bli***rd and got paid $2,648.00 for 2 weeks of gaming on my couch - I've never been able to go back to a 9 - 5 job again!

I read your guide, followed the steps and got accepted for my first gig in 6 days flat!! Seriously, dude, you were right about the "perfect resume" in your formula - it did EVERYTHING FOR ME :)

Thanks and all the best!!
Matthew Roberts, Queensland, Australia
Date: 29-01-2013
“Nothing else will explain the how-tos BETTER or
get you hired FASTER...”
When I started game testing in '04, it was MUCH harder to get into the industry. Companies didn't have independent game testers, and I had to get all the cuts and bruises learning about the industry the hard way, just like you did.

It was extremely refreshing to find a guide that covers every detail in how to get hired 10/10 times. Heck - I picked up a few tips in productivity and how to get companies to start calling ME to test their games.. Simply amazing!

This guide is ESSENTIAL if you want to quit f**king around and start getting paid to play games NOW. Nothing else will explain the how-tos BETTER or get your hired FASTER!
- Minnesota, USA
Date: 05-02-2013
“I Thought this was a scam!!”
3 days ago I recieved my first game to test, pretty darn awesome. Not the coolest X****60 game, but what the heck I'm getting paid.

To be honest I really thought this was a scam, but I did it anyways and it is awesome.

Thanks guys
Tom Bekker, Leiden, The Netherlands
Date: 09-02-2013
Seriously, I'm going to have to get into this Xbox business because it seems to ROCK.
Please leave a comment if you have experienced success with anything like this. It would make GREAT inflight entertainment I reckon............................

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